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      Heat Pumps Charlottetown

      With services available in Charlottetown, Summerside, Stratford, Cornwall, Montague, Kensington, Souris, Alberton, and other PEI communities, the heat pumps Charlottetown professionals from Greenfoot Energy Solutions Inc. have made our company Prince Edward Island’s "one-stop shop" for sustainable energy-saving upgrades.

      Our heat pumps Charlottetown team is dedicated to delivering cost-effective and practical energy solutions that will significantly lower your energy bill along with your carbon footprint. Founded by a team of experienced energy advisors, our company wanted to use our knowledge to help Canadians home and business owners maximize environmentally-friendly energy-saving opportunities. Our company shares a committed to green initiatives and sustainability with our company symbol, GreenFoot—the friendly green yeti with no carbon footprint who believes that these values make our world a friendlier place.

      Our complete energy services include heat pumps (ducted and ductless), geothermal heat pumps and insulation. Our energy professionals deliver lasting results with exemplary customer service. Using only trusted name-brand products from leading manufacturers like LG, Geostar and Daikin, all of the work our heat pumps Charlottetown team performs is backed by a full guarantee. To determine the best eco-friendly heating and cooling options for any property or budget, schedule an energy evaluation with our heat pumps Charlottetown experts today.

      Contact us to learn more about our company and our eco-friendly energy solutions for homes and businesses! Be sure to ask about our flexible financing packages and government rebate programs that may further reduce the costs of energy-saving products. Explore our website to learn more about what our company can do in our taking a look at our gallery of photos or see what our past clients have to say about our work in our reviews.

      Contact Us

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      Make Your Home or Building More Energy Efficient!

      1 (844) 219-5103
      Heat Pumps (ducted & ductless)

      Heat Pumps (ducted & ductless)

      The energy efficient heat pumps (ducted and ductless) supplied by Greenfoot Energy Solutions Inc. provide superior comfort. More info...

      Geothermal heat pumps

      Geothermal heat pumps

      For an environmentally-friendly cost-cutting energy solution that will reduce heating and cooling costs, consider going geothermal. More info...



      Greenfoot Energy Solutions carries a wide range of eco-friendly and cost-effective insulation products designed to lower your carbon footprint and save you money. More info...